Eliminate churn before it happens

Unleash your valuable data and harness the power of our Retention Intelligence to turn churn into LTV.

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50% of your churn is unnecessary

No predictive, actionable insights

Fragmented view of customer

Highly manual, technical workflows

How much revenue are you losing?

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Monthly churn
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Your mission control for customer retention

Predictive Analytics

Real-time insights to predict when and why customers churn.

Risk Segmentation

Unify and enrich customer data to identify high-risk segments.

Workflow Automation

Seamless, no-code integrations to power your workflows.

Predict when and why customers churn

By better identifying and understanding at-risk customers, you can more effectively combat churn.

Retain more profitable customers

Maximize LTV by targeting your highest value customers with the most effective retention solutions.

Your intelligent retention toolkit


Securely connect your data in a few clicks

Seamlessly connect your customer data sources using one of our pre-built integrations.


Predict churn, target high-risk customers

Identify when and why your customers are at risk to churn. 


Supercharge downstream workflows

Intelligently deliver the right solution at the right time to maximize LTV.

Harness the power of Retention Intelligence

Unleash your valuable data

Modern unlocks your underutilized payments and product data to create a unified view of your customer.

Enrich your customer personas

Leverage Modern's 3rd-party integrations to augment and enrich your data with key behavioral signals.

Unlock actionable intelligence

Modern combines your valuable data with our proprietary data to not predict and combat churn before it happens.

Key ingredients for churn prevention

Modern's Retention Intelligence identifies the critical signals and factors to predict churn and deliver the most retentive solution at the right time.

Highly configurable to your customers

Our models are trained on your customers from day one and are optimized in real-time to maximize LTV.

Supercharge your customer workflows

Maximize retention by infusing Modern's intelligence directly into your existing workflows with no-code automation.

Combat churn across your customer journey

Customer retention

Deliver effective solutions to retain customers for life.

Upgrade & cross-sell

Increase conversion to higher value products and services.

Recovery & winback

Avoid payment failures and re-engage loyal customers.

Keep using all your existing tools

Modern fits into your existing marketing and data stack. Connect all your existing payments, customer data, and marketing automation tools in just minutes.

Built for recurring and 'essential' businesses

Prepaid mobile

Ensure your customers always stay connected.

Cable / TV

Unlock access to the best content & entertainment.

Health & wellness

Grow a healthy and happy customer base.


Provide the best online educational experience.


Always protect the things that matter most.

Household goods

Make sure your customers have their house in order.

No-code interface built for marketers

Modern was purpose-built with marketer-friendly features that eliminate the manual effort and require zero engineering.

Everyone wins with Modern

Simple and transparent pricing that aligns with your critical KPIs and scales with your customer base.

We take your data seriously

Modern employs a comprehensive set of features, tokenization, and processes to safeguard your customer PII data.

You have questions, we got answers

What is Modern?

Modern is a retention intelligence and workflow automation platform for recurring household billers. Powered by a proprietary data platform, Modern unlocks actionable, real-time intelligence for billers to better predict churn, identify key risk factors, and supercharge their retention workflows. Check out our product demo to see Modern in action.

Why does my business need Modern?

It's pretty simple. For recurring billers and subscription services, reducing churn and maximizing LTV is mission critical. Your payment provider (e.g. Stripe, Recurly, etc) is necessary but not sufficient. First, you need real-time intelligence to identify customers before they churn. Second, you need more actionable insights into why customers are at risk to churn. Third, you need to deliver the right retention solution in a rapid and scalable way. That's Modern in a nutshell.

Is there really no engineering required to launch Modern?

That's right! We come to you with pre-built integrations with your payment provider so you can launch with zero engineering using all your existing tools. We are always adding new integrations that meet the need of our customers. Interested in a specific integration? Let us know.

Can I take a test drive before I commit?

Absolutely! We provide customers with a FREE one-time retention health check and FREE access for up to 500 monthly active users. Get started today.