Maximize the value of your intelligence

Enable customers to connect all their data sources in seconds and sync real-time intelligence to tools and teams across the business - with zero code.

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Enable customers to deploy across more use cases

Expedite time to value

Launch data pipelines in minutes and deliver value fomr day one.

Compound lifetime value

Enable customers to leverage the AI across more use cases.

Reduce technical overhead

Spend more time and resources on data, not the infrastructure.

Why your customers love us

Ingest all customer data in a few clicks

Let customers connect all their sources of data to your platform in a few minutes or less.

Access more data to boost intelligence

ModernLTV enables customers to build unlimited attributes and segments to feed your platform.

Push intelligence to the business, faster

In just a few clicks, customers can push intelligence from your platform to all their tools.

See ModernLTV in action

Build a high value customer segment and sync to your marketing & growth tools in just a few clicks.

How your customers use ModernLTV

Target high value segments

Build a targeted campaign to retain your highest value customers.

Predict customer churn

Identify and target at-risk customers before it's too late.

Deepen marketing analytics

Enrich your analytics tools with richer customer data.

Unlock access to the data economy

The connective tissue between your data and revenue

No-code Data Manager

Build unlimited customer attributes and segments without an engineer.

Current solutions require upfront & ongoing engineering support.

Turnkey AI integration

Build & deploy leading AI models on your data - right from ModernLTV.

Current solutions require existing models or costly consultations.

Tech stack agnostic

Connect any existing data source, warehouse, or internal application.

Current solutions require a data warehouse or a bundled solution.