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Start a free trial and unleash your data today!

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Deploy your own models in minutes and access the leading AI to deliver predictive intelligence across your business with zero code.

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How Data & Analytics teams use ModernLTV

Access & deploy best-in-class AI

Deploy the leading ML, LLM, and predictive models in just minutes.

Deepen marketing analytics

Add and sync new customer data to supercharge your analytics.

Predict customer churn

Identify and target at-risk customers before it's too late.

Generate product recommendations

Deliver targeted and personalized offers with highest ROI.

Forecast lifetime value

Calculate the projected lifetime value of each customer.

Analyze customer sentiment

Extract insights from your customers words & behavior.

Why Data & Analytics teams love us

ModernLTV ensures that your internal AI models deliver the maximum value across your business -- without the overhead.

Ingest & pre-process all your data in minutes  

Leverage the predictive power of multiple models to derive more effective and actionable insights.

Build and deploy new models with no code  

Deploy a new predictive model, trained on your data, using one of our AI integrations.

Deliver AI intelligence across the business

Push model output to all tools and team so the entire business can fully leverage best-in-class AI.