Start your free trial and unleash your valuable data today!

Start a free trial and unleash your data today!

Utilize all your data without over-utilizing your team

No more manual ETL or custom API integrations. Build and automate end-to-end data workflows in minutes, without the maintenance overhead.

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How Engineering teams use ModernLTV

Centralize all your data sources

Merge all your disparate data into a single source of truth.

Build & monitor data pipelines

Automate end-to-end data workflows in just a few clicks.

Activate data warehouse

Build the connective tissue between your warehouse and business apps.

Why Engineering teams love us

Launch real-time, end-to-end data pipelines in seconds and easily manage all the critical data workflows that power your business.

Ingest all your data in just a few clicks

Leverage our pre-built connectors to ingest data in seconds or build a custom data source using our simple REST API.  

Streamline to a single customer object

Stop managing multiple, incompatible data models. Rationalize your data to a single unified model that scales with the business.

Build end-to-end pipelines in seconds

No more manual ETL or custom API integrations. Automate ETL, ELT, CDC streaming, Reverse ETL, and general data syncs all from one platform.

We treat your data like it's our data

No impact to your existing workflows

Zero-copy architecture and segmentation

Full end-to-end control of data lifecycle