Give merchants the data to drive growth

Empower your merchants and augment your platform by unlocking full access to all valuable customer to increase engagement, drive sales, and maximize growth.

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Maximize merchant LTV by delivering data-driven solutions  

Increase stickiness

Enable customers to connect your platform with all their tools in seconds.

Expand integrations

Rapidly increase your list of integrations without a single line of code.

Enrich analytics

Unlock rich customer data to augment your payments & subscription insights.

Why your customers love us

ModernLTV enables your merchants to seamlessly combine all their customer and eCommerce data and sync to all the tools that drive revenue. It's a win-win-win.

Deliver a deeper view of customer data

Let merchants centralize all their customer data sources without relying on engineering resources.

Unlock access to customer intelligence

Provide merchants with no-code tools to build unlimited customer attributes and segments.

Let your merchants put their data to work

In one click, merchants can push rich data to the marketing, CRM, and analytics tools that drive growth.

See ModernLTV in action

Build a high value customer segment and sync to your marketing & growth tools in just a few clicks.

How your customers use ModernLTV

Map customer data to ad spend  

Maximize ROAS by attributing customer data to ad campaigns.

Target high value segments

Build a targeted campaign to retain your highest value customers.

Add insights to support tools

Enrich customer profiles with rich insights to help your support team.

Upsell / cross-sell products

Capture untapped LTV by maximizing upsell / cross-sell conversion.

Predict customer churn

Identify and target at-risk customers before it's too late.

Deepen marketing analytics

Enrich your analytics tools with richer customer data.

Unlock access to the data economy

The connective tissue between your data and revenue

No-code Data Manager

Build unlimited customer attributes and segments without an engineer.

Current solutions require upfront & ongoing engineering support.

Turnkey AI integration

Build & deploy leading AI models on your data - right from ModernLTV.

Current solutions require existing models or costly consultations.

Tech stack agnostic

Connect any existing data source, warehouse, or internal application.

Current solutions require a data warehouse or a bundled solution.