Unleash all your customer data to maximize growth

Empower your marketing and growth teams with unlimited real-time customer data to build higher ROI campaigns and customer journeys.

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How marketers use ModernLTV

Map customer data to ad spend  

Maximize ROAS by attributing customer data to ad campaigns.

Target high value segments

Build a targeted campaign to retain your highest value customers.

Add insights to support tools

Enrich customer profiles with rich insights to help your support team.

Deliver product upsell offer

Capture untapped LTV by maximizing upsell / cross-sell conversion.

Run deeper marketing analysis

Leverage more customer data to run in-depth marketing analysis.

Optimize eCommerce store

Enrich your eCommerce experience by integrating rich customer data.

Build & target your highest value customer segments

See how to build a new segment and automatically sync with your marketing tools in just a few clicks.

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Why the marketing teams love us

Unlock a 360o view of all your customer data

Fully manage and safely deploy all your valuable customer data without relying on engineers.

Create unlimited data with zero code

Build unlimited custom attributes and advanced customer segments without a single line of code.

Sync real-time data to enrich campaigns

Automatically sync real-time customer data to your marketing & growth tools in just a few clicks.