Unlock actionable intelligence to combat churn

Modern delivers real-time, actionable intelligence to better predict churn and supercharge your existing workflows — all with zero engineering.

Your intelligent retention toolkit

Predictive Analytics

Identify when and why customers are at risk to churn before it happens.

Risk Segmentation

Identify the at-risk segments and key signals that drive customer churn.

Workflow Automation

Automatically deliver the solution that maximizes retention and LTV.

Unleash and enrich your customer data

Combat churn across your customer journey

Customer retention

Deliver effective solutions to retain customers for life.

Upgrade & cross-sell

Increase conversion to higher value products and services.

Recovery & winback

Avoid payment failures and re-engage loyal customers.

Your data is our life blood

We take your customer data very seriously by deploying a comprehensive set of features, tokenization, and processes.

Modern fits into your stack

Our pre-built integrations fully complement your existing payments, customer data, and marketing automation tools.