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Expert analysis and actionable insights

Analyze customer churn risk

Which customers are at risk to churn in the next 30 days and why?

Identify the highest ROI actions

What actions have the highest probability to drive retention?

Assess the revenue impact

What is the lifetime value of my key customer cohorts?

Let our experts work for you

Our team of retention experts will run your free Customer Health Check and help you take the first step towards reducing churn and maximizing LTV.

Your highest ROI customer data solution

ModernLTV takes the best parts of a CDP and CRM and offers a lighter, insights-first solution that drives direct revenue with zero engineering.

Proprietary, revenue-driven insights

Unlock actionable insights that drive revenue retention.

Unified customer data with zero code

Build robust personas & automate workflows with zero engineering.

Purpose-built for your subscription business

Trained on your customers, ModernLTV maximizes LTV.

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Connect your data sources

Securely integrate your data sources in a few clicks and unlock 360o customer insights.


Predict and target churn

Identify the key signals to predict when and why customers are at risk to churn.


Maximize revenue retention

Build automated workflows that leverage the intelligence to maximize retention.