Data library

ModernLTV unifies and normalizes your customer data into a single streamlined schema and provides a suite of ML-powered customer intelligence.

Attribute name




Total payments

Number of total payments as an active subscriber


Payments & billing


Total months as active subscriber

12 months

Payments & billing

Monthly revenue

Average revenue per month as an active subscriber


Payments & billing

Risk level

ModernLTV’s proprietary risk scoring that indicates the relative likelihood that the subscriber churns in the next 30 days.

High, medium, low

Payments & billing

Risk factors

Key variables that signal a higher likelihood to churn in the next 30 days based on ModernLTV’s proprietary predictive models.

Expired card on file

Payments & billing

Total revenue

Sum of all payments made as an active subscriber.


Payments & billing

Number of payment methods

Number of unique payment methods on file.


Payments & billing

Payment methods

The default payment method used to pay subscription

Credit card, ACH, Debit card

Payments & billing

Total payment failures

The total number of times a subscriber has historically failed a payment attempt


Payments & billing

Number of discounts

The total number of unique discounts applied to the subscriber’s account


Payments & billing

Lifetime value

Estimated total revenue collected before subscriber churns


Payments & billing


Estimated total months as an active before subscriber churns

12 months

Payments & billing

Dunning attempts

Total number of attempts to retry payment


Payments & billing